To apply for membership, please complete the form below. Applications and qualifications are initially reviewed by Program Leaders with subsequent review by the IUSCCC Leadership Council (which meets on a monthly basis). The council will make recommendations regarding membership status and program affiliation to the IUSCCC director, who has sole authority over membership decisions. Applicants are notified of their membership status via e-mail.

Clinical Focus
Research Programs
IUSCC Cores Utilized
  • Angio BioCore (IUSCC)
  • Behavioral Methodology and Recruitment Core (IUSCC)
  • Biostatistics and Data Management (IUSCC)
  • Cancer Bioinformatics (IUSCC)
  • Clinical Pharmacology Analytical Core (IUSCC)
  • Clinical Trials Office (IUSCC)
  • Epidemiology Consultation Core (IUSCC)
  • Flow Cytometry(IUSCC)
  • In Vivo Therapeutics Core (IUSCC)
  • Multiplex Analysis Core (IUSCC)
  • Proteomics Core (IUSCC)
  • Tissue Procurement and Distribution (IUSCC)
  • Transgenic and Knock-out Mouse(IUSCC)
  • Translational Research Core (IUSCC)

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